We are really happy to announce the upcoming of the new Salpa Soleil 42 (12,45X3,90 m) SALPA maxi rib intended to be placed at the top of the range, featuring 5 models with different levels of equipment.

The hull was designed by English specialist Adam Younger.

The deck (which can be converted to a sunbathing spot) provides a table, multi-purpose kitchen with kitchenette, bow solarium and roll bar option or t-top.

Note that the GRP structure partially overlaps the tubes to provide greater stability.

The bow there is also fitted with stainless steel relays.

Beaneath the deck there’s plenty of space that provides 2 cabins (with 4-6 beds and and independent toilets) and a lounge area. Another original are the 2 underwater windows in the front cabin! At the owner’s discretion special finishes and fittings can be applied.

The bow is polyester and the tubes are tucked inside the bow that also houses the anchor electric winch.

Of course, Salpa opted for the vacuum infusion method for this model as well.

Due to its high weight saving, 2 X 350HP SUZUKI Outboard FOR 42KNOTS MAX should provide more than enough engine power.

The boat can carry two YAMAHA 425 V8 XTO OFFSHORE engines (MAX SPEED OVER 50 KNOTS) along with the Helm Master maneuver system.

Another version will have 3x 300HP Verado V8 with Joystick System !!

The debut of SALPA SOLEIL 42 will take place in September at the Naval Lounge in Genoa.

Pre-order now and benefit from special rates with great discounts  which are available.