The MegaRib Salpa Soleil 42 was presented during this spring at the NauticSud Naval Salon in Naples, featuring an improved three-engine version of V8 Verado engines (3X300hp).

The 13-meter inflatable two-seater, has received extremely positive reviews  in the international press, regarding the interior spaces with two cabins, living room, double-room bathroom and the modern exterior design.

Salpa Soleil 42 has been voted as the Ship of the Year 2019 in the Naval Salon of Genoa by  surpassing all the MEGA RIBs of the competition.

One  of the greatest aspects of the Salpa Soleil 42 against it’s competition (apart from the fantastic hull design by Adam Younger) is it’s low weight at just 4250 kg  (the competing  MEGA RIBs  start at 6,000 kg).

It’s limited weight results in an extremely low consumption that is close to 3,2-3,3lt / ml overall in cruising speeds. In speeds up to 32 knots there is no significant consumption increase as the steps begin to take effect.

The differences between the original  Salpa Soleil 42  and the one presented in Genoa are:

  • The three-engine version (3x300HP V8 VERADO) with a total of 13,800cc
  • Speeds over 54knots are easily reached.
  • The consumption is improved at 31 knots and 3.2 liters / mile.
  • At 3500 rpm we have 26 knots 3.4 l / m
  • At 4000 rpm we have 31 knots 3.2lt / mile because the steppes work
  • The engines can be replaced with 3x300HP Yamaha with extra electric steering wheel.
  • In addition to the 3 engines, there are also 3 bucket driver and passenger seats And a new type of T-TOR made of aluminum and plexiglass.
  • There is a large selection of upholstery with new types of fabrics that meet the strict REACH specifications. And colors are a customer’s choice.
  • EXIDE GEL batteries are now used with Inverter
  • The NESPRESSO coffee maker as well as a new external sliding refrigerator
  • A new type of TEAK that is not being heated with high summer temperatures
  • The A/C has four outlets in the cabin and one in the bathroom.

There is no doubt that the Soleil 42 has one of the most beautiful and most functional bathrooms we have never seen. It’s a two-seater with two separate windows, even in the Shower Box.

It’s interior with a minimalist design, upholstered in wood and equipped with the highest quality materials is one of the most beautiful places on the boat where you can enjoy your swim with a wonderful sea view.

It is clear that the Soleil 42 can travel at high speeds cruise for many hours while providing a sense of relaxation and safety, even during the rough weather conditions, which means we can we travel long distances and reach our destination very quickly.