Brand: Salpa

Model: Sun Six

  • 6.15mt Length
  • 2.25mt Beam
  • 7 Persons
  • - Beds
  • 750kg Weight
  • 1 Engine
  • 140HP Max Power
  • - Shaft Length
  • 90lt (Jetset Version) Fuel Tank
  • - Water Tank

Sun Six

The new SUN SIX model from Salpa features a stepped hull. The boat features modern hull lines with a vertical bow entrance, it is equipped with a large sun lounger, a large and comfortable sofa at the stern (which also turns into a sun lounger) in combination with the driving position.

SUN SIX is available in two versions Freeway and Jetset. Freeway is aimed at young people and boat rental professionals with basic equipment and white color hull. The Jetset, on the other hand, is a version packed with accessories and is characterized by fluffy wallpapers. This version available in two colors, with a black hull or a blue hull. The driving position is comfortable with a large windshield that has a stainless steel handle around the perimeter. By lifting the driving position’s cushion you will discover  a sink equipped with a faucet, a pressure pump and a water tank (only available in Jetset version).

The Jetset version also provides a 90lt fuel tank as standard equipment. The stern is also equipped with 2 large platforms with swimming  ladder fully recessed. Due to the stepped hull the boat  achieves excellent performance and buoyancy .This special hull allows planing at low speeds and ideal buoyancy for excellent contact with the waves.


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