Brand: Salpa

Model: Salpa 52x

  • 16.25 mt  Length
  • 4,50 mt Beam
  • 12 Persons
  • 3 Beds
  • 13.500 Kg Weight
  • 2 Engine
  • 2xIPS 600 Max Power
  • ITS Shaft Length
  • 1250 lt Fuel Tank
  • 550 lt Water Tank

Salpa 52x

The technological innovation applied in the construction of the Salpa Laver 52x consists in using the technology: infusion, (vacuum infusion) not only for the hull but also for all the structural components. The result of this technology is a lighter craft than those built with traditional technology of at least 30% and a very high strength (structural rigidity). For the hardtop not being able to resort to the infusion if not only for the sliding door it was decided to adopt a manual lamination with the use of kevlar fibers that allowed to realize a structure with an extremely complex design but with low weights.


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