Brand: Salpa

Model: Salpa 50.5

  • 16.25 mt   Length
  • 4,55mt Beam
  • 12 Persons
  • 6+2+1 Beds
  • 13000kg Weight
  • 2 Engine
  • 2xIPS 600 Max Power
  • ITS Shaft Length
  • 2x650lt Fuel Tank
  • 550lt Water Tank

Salpa 50.5

Salpa 50.5 Technological innovation applied in the construction of Salpa 50.5 consists in using the “infusion” (infusion vacuum) technology not only for the hull but also for all the structural components. The result of using this technology is a boat:  at least 30% lighter and much more stronger (structural rigidity) comparing to those built by using the traditional technology.

For the Hard-Top is not possible to use the infusion technology, except for the sliding door, so it has been choose to adopt the method of the manual rolling of the Kevlar fiber that resulted an extremely complex design structure to the creators but light  weight! The IPS propulsion permits to install on board a motorization that provides a cruising speed of 30 knots and a top speed of 36 knots with an incredibly low consumption (28.5 knots  100 lt hourly consumption of both engines).

The low consumption permits to embark on board a lower fuel quantity that ensures a long autonomy. The technological innovation has equipped the Salpa 50.5 with the following excellence points. 1) Series of rolling in closed mould: the result is the respect for the environment and health and the hygiene of the workers. 2) Structure extremely robust but lightweight: the result is less power installed and lower fuel consumption which means additional respect for the environment in which we live. 3) Interior furnishings made exclusively by essences of wood derived from renewable plantations.

The Salpa 50.5 is characterized not only for the building technology but also for the design and the comfort. It is offered to the Client a large possibility to customize the craft which means many choices among 2000 colors, among metallic, shiny, opaque, pearl and iridescent, etc.. The interior of the boat can be selected in different essences of wood such as teak, cherry, wenge, oak, zebrano, walnut. There is the possibility of combining various wood essences in each cabin also. Salpa 50.5 is uniquely equipped with a tender garage with electro-hydraulic opening and a large stern platform equipped with hydraulic lift tender (downhill and hydraulic lifting), which allows the platform to dive under the water. In the Salpa 50.5 it is possible to stow inside the tender garage the inflatable with an outboard engine and to locate on the extensive stern platform a powerful personal watercraft.

The cockpit and the stern platform are both teak laid with real massive teak. Characterizing element of Salpa 50.5 is the wide skipper (sailor) cabin / pantry / cellar under the living room, with separate access from the sleeping area in order to ensure compliance with the privacy of the boat owner and guests. Another point of excellence of the Salpa 50.5 is to be a Hard Top Coupé, which means that it is equipped with a sliding Hard Top rear door made of crystal and stainless steel. In the cockpit is located a large sofa with electrically adjustable table to become a sundeck and the Cokpit cupboard with the grill plate.

In the living room, on the right is located a large kitchen and on the left an L shaped Couch. The pilot area is very comfortable and with a high visibility in navigation and maneuvering. The under stairs area is reserved for the sleeping cabins so it has been designed in respect of the comfort and privacy. The skipper cabin placed at bow is equipped with every kind of comfort, more than two meters high with its own bathroom and shower room. At stern are placed, on the right the guests cabin with the twin beds while on the left side has been located the VIP cabin. The second bathroom is also very large and it also has a comfortable shower room. It is accessible from the corridor or from the VIP cabin.


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