Brand: Salpa

Model: Salpa 35 Avantgarde

  • 11,20mt Length
  • 3.54mt Beam
  • 4 Persons
  • 4 Beds
  • 5500kg Weight
  • 2 Engine
  • 2 X 350 HP Max Power
  • - Shaft Length
  • 2x336L Fuel Tank
  • 1x200L + second tank 200L optional Water Tank

Salpa 35 Avantgarde

THE AVANTGARDE 35 is the new walkaround vessel of the SALPA shipyard.

Previewed at the Cannes Boat Show (6-11 September 2022) and at the Genoa Boat Show (22-27

September 2022), the SALPA shipyard will present the new Salpa Avantgarde 35 boat.

It is a boat with a length of 11.20 meters overall (homologation length 9.98 meters with no need for registration) and a width of 3.54 meters.

Avantgarde 35 is available in two 2 versions:

-outboard with double engines from 2 x 250 hp up to 2 x 350 hp.

-Diesel / electric hybrid with single shaft line propulsion with power of 1 x 350 hp diesel and 25 kw (33.5 hp)

in electric.


The SALPA shipyard has developed a particular solution where is possible to buy the boat in diesel inboard version and, then, to install the hybrid electric module with no need of further modifications, thanks to a particular coupling system.

Avantgarde 35 is a walkaround that interprets the new design styles of this type of boat:

-the “Ax-Bow” bow (reverse bow straight) gives it an aggressive and modern line.

-An interesting bow tip extension system made without electric or hydraulic mechanisms that allows a perfectly safe anchoring without any possibility of damaging the bow of the boat.

- A generous anchor locker, which can be accessed according to the regulations, that allows the stowage of safety equipments and the eight bulky fenders supplied to the boat.

- Sleek and modern lines, with large open spaces and generous side walkways.

- The hull is characterized by a low resistance to advancement. It is the result of Salpa’s research that performed advanced CFD simulations and tank tests with reduced-scale models through towing and self-propulsion of the model, which made it possible to minimize drag to advance both in the speed range in electric operation (0/8 knots) and in the cruising range.

- An excellent consumption at cruising speed: in the outboard version, they are 2.9 liters per mile 23 knots, for a consumption of only 66 liters per hour; in the inboard hybrid version, the low fuel consumption in electric cruising mode (6/7 knots) allows a great autonomy in fully electric mode.

The electric mode allows for both maneuvering in port and short distances (6/10 miles) in the absence of noise. In the diesel mode (at 18 knots cruising), the consumption is below 30 liters per hour.

The battery can be recharged both from the dockside column and during propulsion diesel.

A unique solution, that allows the management of diesel / hybrid propulsion, is the single control lever. It allows an automatic switch to diesel propulsion, during the electric propulsion, simply with an accelerated movement of the control lever.

The electric motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a power of 25kwa. The 96volt voltage guarantees the safety of the boat and allows its certification for pleasure or work purposes.



The exteriors:

Stern: a double seat with opposing benches with modular backrests and a movable electric table, convertible into a large stern sundeck.

In the cockpit, the galley is in a large external cabinet, equipped with a drawer fridge (as an option, it is possible to install an additional drawer fridge under the aft sofa) and a gas stove, plus a grill and induction plate upon request.

The driving position is equipped with 3 steering positions with folding seats, ergonomic and retentive.

The driving console features a double 12” display, a joystick for maneuvering and a bow thruster.

The standard inboard Diesel / Hybrid version also features a bow and stern thruster.

Bow: The bow sundeck is reached through the side walkways embedded in the profile of the boat and protected by a perimeter handrail, that accompanies the entire length of the boat. It is equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic chaise longue that allows 3/4 people to enjoy the sun even during the navigation.

In the bow vertex, a large flat area allows to carry out mooring activities in comfort and safety.

The entire floor, the gunwales and the gunwale are entirely covered with a synthetic teak of the highest quality.


The interiors: have been designed with care and attention to stowage capacity; they develop into one open space environment (divisible with special curtains) with 1 double bed in the bow and 2 beds astern convertible into a double bed, leaving a span of space above the head. Also, the double bed in the bow can be transformed into one dinette area served by a small service table with a spacious bathroom and a separate shower cubicle.

A particular attention was paid to the interior design with an unprecedented standing height in the area of hallway and in the bathroom. Also, high-class finishes have been included in the interior featuring a large amount of storage cabinets and wall units with latches with invisible opening.

On request it is also possible to assemble an internal kitchen equipped with an electric fridge and hob.

The side hull windows allow passengers to rest at night while have a view of the surrounding landscape from their beds.

The ventilation of the cabin is guaranteed by 6 opening portholes and a generously positioned hatch directly above the bow bed.

The driver's seat and the stern area are wide protected by a T-TOP with a minimalist and modern style, equipped with an electric curtain that extends up to cover part of the stern platforms. The electric awning is retractable, thanks to the special casings which incorporate it into the hard top structure. Thanks to this awning and the micro-perforated shading sheets the perimeter of the cockpit is protected from the sun's rays without impeding the 360 ​​° view.

Thanks to the table with the electric movement, it is possible to transform the modularity of the external aft dinette from a convivial area for lunch up to 8 people, with the seats reversible (adjustable) for sitting both forward and aft.

In the outboard version, the entire stern area can be raised by means of electric actuator cylinders, giving access to a huge "storage", where is possible to installation a power generator upon request.

At the extreme stern there is the position for the life raft embedded in the molding of the sofa

stern for an immediate extraction and its usage.






Length Overall                                    11,20 mt Lenght Homologation                       9,98 mt
Maximum Width                                  3,54 mt Weight (without engines)               4.900 kg
Fuel Tanks                                           2 x 350 lt Water Tanks                                           200lt
Capacity People                                             12 Category CE                                                   B
Beds                                                                    4 Toilets                                                             1
Minimum Motorization                   2 x 250 Hp Maximum Motorization              2 x 350 Hp




Length Overall                                    11,20 mt Lenght Homologation                       9,98 mt
Maximum Width                                  3,54 mt Weight (without engines)               6.350 kg
Fuel Tanks                                           2 x 235 lt Water Tanks                                           200lt
Capacity People                                             12 Category CE                                                   B
Beds                                                                    4 Toilets                                                             1
Minimum Motorization                   1 x 150 Hp Electric Motorization                           25kwa


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