pdf                                              Lenght(LOA) : 13,99 mt       Width: 4,60 mt


The Speedmarine is a company with a fascinating past and totally predictable future. Manufactures inflatable boats with great features and amenities beyond imagination. The Monte Carlo 1399 with length 13.99 and width 4.00, available space is not what we would call a huge yet the adjustments made on him are incredible. Each point of the vessel has gone through thorough research resulting in the maximum possible use of.

Externally the boat causing positive with the raised superstructure, the sturdy roll bar, the lateral air ports and the use of quality wood deck.

Extremely fast, safe and impressive in appearance. The future of us looks bright and sexy. The construction of inflatable changed and it seems because we are here to prove it from here and beyond.

Εξαιρετικά γρήγορο, ασφαλές και εντυπωσιακό σε εμφάνιση. Το μέλλον του μαζί μας φαντάζει ευοίωνο και προκλητικό. Ο τρόπος κατασκευής φουσκωτών άλλαξε και φαίνεται γιατί είμαστε παρόντες για να το αποδείξουμε από εδώ και πέρα.

Length: 13.99
Width: 4.60
Internal length: 12.80
Internal width: 3.30
Tubes diameter :85
Compartments: 6
Persons: 20
Weight: 5000
Max power:1050
Category: B

Speed marine Monte Carlo 13.99

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