pdf                                      Length: 13.70 mt     Width: – mt

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New inflatable boat with a length of 14 meters!

The new boat Nautica cab bears the name Dorado Silverado 13.7 and with it the real “monster” erupted in the category of Mega Ribs. As you can see from the pictures it is a high aesthetic vessel differs from the aerodynamic design and according to the company stands for high quality construction and great cruising possibilities thanks to the excellent design of the hull.

The length of Silverado reaches 14.10 meters while the width of the 3.70. These ratios in combination with a deep V at the bow and stern, assist damping at high wave, but also very high speed cruising at 42-48 knots and tripped over 55 knots. The vessel is fitted with 2 x 560 hp turbo diesel engines of new technology FTP, combined with surface routes which have and trim, to also perform well in big waves at low speeds.

This new weapon … dock is equipped with split air top panorama and has slots for all the latest electronic gadgets like, Radar, Epirb (emergency beacon used as alarm system), Satelite Antenna, even hidden tilting TV On deck sun dominates the large square sofa and there ergonomic bar wet furniture with hob-sink and electric refrigerator. Inside board lighting is led by new technology. Of course there is a bathroom with shower as well as beds, while the cab roof is opened. These sites are characterized by minimal Italian decor and for demanding customers the yard enables configuration of the interior of the cabin.

Cab silverado 13.70

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