pdf                                      Length(LOA): 6.57 mt     people capacity: 16     Category: B

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overall length 6,57 mt

max width       2,48 mt

inside lenght   5,60 mt

inside width    1,41 mt

sponsons diameter Ø 55

weight               500 Kg

people capacity      16

engine max            148 Kw

type of shaft           L

hull                          VTR

compartments    N° 6

project category    B


Hydraulic steering (Seastar)


Oars • Inflator • Repairing kit • Owner manual + CE certificate • Cushion sundecks + driver seat • Consolle with windshield handrail and steering • Gasoline tank


Boat cover • Consolle cover • Deck extension with cushion • Awning • Rollbar • Ladder • Air pressure gauge • Electric panel with 5 functions • Electric panel with 6 functions • Bridge with ladder combinations

PERFECT SAILING IN ALL TIMES.Combination of craftsmanlike ability, original design, accurate choice of materials. Built with composite technique, they rely on modern “fibreglass” which is stratified by hand. Fore and after peaks are obtained from a single lift in order to render the inhabitable area water tight, and prevent sinking. COASTER series: exceptional multi -functional boats, stable, insensitive to lateral loads.
Unique design in 6.70 meters inflatable

WITH INBOARD diesel VW 125-150 TDI.
Unique FUEL CONSUMPTION : 1,85 miles/lt.
Only 9-12 LT / HOUR or 0,54LT / Miles
Range 250 miles. With 135 lt off fuel !!

Joker Boat Coaster 650 EFB

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