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Coaster 315

Brand: Joker Boat

Model: Coaster 315

  • 3.16 mtĀ  Length
  • 1,59 mt Beam
  • 3 Persons
  • - Beds
  • 53 Kg Weight
  • 1 Engine
  • 15 Kw Max Power
  • S Shaft Length
  • - Fuel Tank
  • - Water Tank

Coaster 315

Combination of craftsmanlike ability, original design, accurate choice of materials. Built with composite technique, they rely on modern fibreglass which is stratified by hand.

Fore and after peaks are obtained from a single lift in order to render the inhabitable area water tight, and prevent sinking.

COASTER series: exceptional multi -functional boats, stable, insensitive to lateral loads.


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