Brand: Joker Boat

Model: Clubman 35

  • 10.70 mt  Length
  • 3.52 mt Beam
  • 16 Persons
  • 2-3 Beds
  • 3100 Kg  Weight
  • 2 Engine
  • 800HP Max Power
  • XXLx2 Shaft Length
  • 700Lt Fuel Tank
  • 170Lt Water Tank

Clubman 35

Elegant, stylish, spacious, practical. If you search for a boat with spaces designed for comfortable onboard living and performance the Clubman 35 is the boat for you.
The Clubman 35 is the new flagship boat of JokerBoat. Presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016, it positions itself as a family RHIB, spacious in regards to storage space and for onboard living.
A quiet leisure boat ready to roar at the touch of a lever, capable of transmitting safety and comfort but at the same time to deliver a 54 knots speed ( with 700 Hp at it's stern).

Boat Conformation:

The Clubman is 35 space above all. It has 4 main areas: the most stern platforms area, the stern dinette living space, the cabin and the wide sunbathing area at the bow.

Starting from the area at the bow; the Clubman 35 features very wide, very comfortable platforms, for an easy access around the stern and a wide space for embarking/disembarking the boat (both at dock or in the water).
A seating area, immediately in front of the motors provides a comfortable seating to fix your mask and fins before diving for a swim. It also doubles as a storage are when opened, featuring a space large enough to fit a courtesy anchor or your wet gear.

The second space is characterised by the so-called living area. This area is the main part (middle) of the boat and has multiple applications in it’s diversified spaces.

The stern area is formed by a dinette that characterizes the whole boat's image. Functional to the maximum of its possibilities, it comfortably accommodates 9 people seated and with the help of an electric table leg that extends from the floor, transformed into a spacious and functional table that, at first glance, may seem just the floor. In fact, the electric leg multiplies the uses of the dinette area by creating three different conformations:

1. With the leg fully extended: it becomes a perfect dining / recreation area.
2. Turning the 90º table (with the simple shift of a lever) and lowering the table, to adapt to the bulkheads on both sides of the seating (and with the addition of a cushion) the seating becomes a sunbathing area able to accommodate 4 people in comfort.
3. Finally with the leg fully retracted it blends seemingly with the floor creating a huge space in front of the dinette.

Moving towards the consolle we find the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat block has two comfortable driver's seats (multi-function for driving standing or sitting). Towards the dinette it is equipped with a refrigerator (Lt.75) plus a storage compartment that, when opened, reveals a trashcan (essential for life on board). Additionally, by opening the top cover just behind the driver's seats, the driver's block reveals an area with a small sink and a cutting board (the cutting board can be replaced with electric or gas stove).

The third space, or the most iconic and interesting: the cabin.
Big enough for a person of 1.80m to fit in standing; the cabin features a bathroom, a bed for 2 people and a cabinet just in front of the bathrooms door.
The cabin is decorated with two windows in the hull which allow a magnificent view of the sea while lying on the enormous bed. Protected by an absolute black plexiglass door, the cabin can be ventilated through a porthole in the center of the ceiling above the bed. This porthole is the door to the last of the boat areas and perhaps one of the most when enjoying a day at sea: the large sun deck.

The bow sunbathing area is, as on all Clubman, huge. Large enough to accommodate 3 people comfortably lying down, it rests above 80% of the cabin. With soft pillows that render it comfortable and practical (pillows are designed to remain attached to the deck even at speed and sustained sea) this area will only give joy to it's users.
Two storage areas characterise the sunbathing area: on for the anchor & electric winch and one larger for fenders or other accessories.

The Clubman 35 can be customised with a roll bar, T-Top and various types of sun awnings ranging from: awning on rollbar with standard gas springs (for navigation stability), the awning at T-top with carbon poles towards the AFT and finally the curtain with 4 poles in carbon fiber and a tent hooked.

Main Uses:

Recreation: The Clubman 35 positions itself in the market as an ideal family boat. The wide open spaces of the living area (at the bow and stern) and the cabin, are suited to accommodate a family of 5 people, with many friends, in comfort. Gorgeous model to enjoy the summer holidays at the maximum or as boat for the weekend being easy to drive, comfortable with any type of sea and perfect for any event in any weather.

Tender: the perfect tender for M / Y who is looking for a support boat that will bring style and beauty to the flagship. With plenty of storage for transporting people and customisable with tow & lifting hooks and other classic specifications to luxury tender. It will guarantee stability, comfort and perfect handling in navigation for the transport of all types of materials or individual.

Rental & Charter: renting the Clubman 35 is a guarantee for the entire season. It is a perfect boat for families and individuals of interest in choosing your charter fleet for their entire holiday period. This boat will intrigue all customers due to its versatility and practicality.


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