pdf                                      Length(LOA): 8.50 mt     people capacity: 16    Category: B

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  • Length All Out:                                            8,50 mt
  • Width All Out (inflated):                        3,15 mt
  • Inside Length:                                             7,70 mt
  • Inside Width:                                                1,88 mt
  • Tubes Diameter:                                         Ø 63
  • Tubes Pressure:                                          0.35 psi
  • Air Chambers:                                            N° 8
  • Weight:                                                            2300 Kg
  • Max People on Board:                             N°16
  • Max Engine Power:                                   368 Kw (500HP)
  • Hull:                                                                 Fiberglass
  • Compartments:                                          N° 6
  • Project Category:                                      B
  • Trailerable:                                                 Deflated

“Love to enjoy the sea with tons of space and style. We promise the Clubman 28 EFB will deliver speed, style and  confort anywhere you wish to use it”.

The Clubman 28 is one of the pioneer models of JokerBoat. It has always been famous for it’s comfortable living spaces, kitchen area, shock absorbing hull and storage spaces at every corner.

Well in 2015, the Clubman 28 received a well deserved restyling making it even more user friendly and comfortable to the use; but why stop here? why not have the same beautiful model in EFB (inboard)?


With a large bow (front) sunbathing area, always elongated due to the conformation of the consolle and a comfortable, multiple use, sunbathing area at the rear that modifies from a large sunbathing area to reveal a 3 people seating area for when the boat is in movement; space on deck is not a issue for the Clubman 28 EFB.

To make it even more family friendly, it features: a bathroom within the consolle (with WC, sink and small shower); a 3 small kitchen fires and sink under the driver’s seat; a comfortable stow away table with an installable table leg just in front of the stern’s sunbathing/seating area.

The added bonus of a inboard model, such as this Clubman 28 EFB is the large platform at the stern, for any water related activity such as scuba preparing or a more comfortable ascent on the boat.

Further more this particular model uses the new JokerBoat concept of “all included”. The price features all the possible optionals as standard, a part from a few more personal features. The boat, for such reason, may seem more expensive than it’s competitors alter ego, but in fact a competitor’s boat with all optionals included, may end up costing way more than the Clubman 28 EFB.


Recreational: The Clubman 28 EFB was born for the nautical recreational market. It’s large walk-around consolle and huge stern and bow sunbathing areas, guarantee relaxing spaces for all your friends and family members to relax and have a snooze. Above all it’s bathroom and small kitchen guarantee enough space for the whole family to have everything they need on board.

None the less it is a fast, fun boat easy to drive and with a great sea handling hull.

Tender: The Clubman 28 EFB is an ideal boat also as Tender to larger yachts; it is stylish, spray proof and with great balance whilst in marche and still. The removal of the cushions and adding of a teak deck and bow handrail, would also provide a large platform to disembark, or to customers request, port/starboard fiberglass steps (covered in teak) can be installed to be able to safely leave the boat from the lowest part of the Clubman 28 EFB.

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