pdf                                      Length(LOA): 7.46 mt     people capacity: 16    Category: B

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overall length 7,46 mt
max width 2,99 mt
inside lenght 6,40 mt
inside width 1,70 mt
sponsons diameter Ø 62
weight 750 Kg
people capacity 16
engine max 216 Kw
type of shankExtralungo
compartments N° 6
project category B


Hydraulic steering (Seastar)



Neat, essential, modern line. And in addition to beautiful aesthetics, CLUBMAN series offers the convenience of the large peaks, the practicality of a wisely designed space, and the comfort of the large sun decks. It mainly offers safety. Safety when the sea is rough thanks to the original design of the hull, the surprising manoeuvring ability, and to the perfect manageability. CLUBMAN series: sturdy, solid, strong.

Joker Boat Clubman 24

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