Brand: Ondina Nautica

Model: 675

  •  6,75 mt Length
  •  2,69 mt Beam
  • 12 Persons
  • - Beds
  •  600 Kg Weight
  • 1 Engine
  • 202HP Max Power
  • XL Shaft Length
  • - Fuel Tank
  • - Water Tank


The Ondina yard started in 1976, cooperating with other yards to improve their craft. The aim of the yard is the very high build quality and flawless finish. Especially for this purpose used the best materials in the market such as balloon Neoprene material-Kleber’s Neoprene Hypallon in 1500 and 1880 dtex.

For this purpose used reinforced adhesives without solvent and the solder made from archimastores with great experience, the polyester is isofthalikoi with high elasticity and the Gel coat is of type NEOPENTHYL. The pilot and Copilot seat is elevated with side studs and highly secured. The number of Chambers is 5 with safety valves. The proposed horsepower is from 50-70 HP.

More concretely the Ondina 485 is characterized by the large sundeck rendering so ideal for Sun bathing and sleeping. Of course this great sundeck turns quite simply in a cozy living room with a table in the Center and serve us in case we want to eat. In the back of the boat the couch protected from fiberglass superstructure which is extra reinforced until the arm for universal application.

From safety issue the boat uses besides classical cleats and hoisting the anchor rings i In the back of the boat there is a standard ladder climb right and space to add a backup machine. Also on board is standard equipment from factory installed heavy duty tie rod. Finally on the hull, admission 50 degrees in the bow and finish at 20 degrees in conjunction with the contact of the last measure of inner tubes in our water ensure smooth and pleasant navigation.


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