The new SALPA 24 GT boat of the Year

Readers Vela & Motore voted as boat of the Year category of less than 10 m. The new Salpa 24 GT. The vote was for new yacht models presented at the Genoa Boat Show 2011.
With the new series Granturismo, which premiered at the Genoa Boat Show last October, the Italian shipyard with quality craft really raised the bar very high in the commercial category of walk around.
The distinction for the 24 GT was not accidental as the new model combines impressive performance, superior functionality space, quality construction and performance with low fuel consumption.
Like the other models in the series GT, aesthetically dominated by panoramic hard top with an aerodynamic shape that offers complete coverage of air and rain.
Due to walk around the cabin design the total length of 7.5 m. Of deck is fully usable, offering comfortable living it includes deck sun on the bow, W-shaped sofa aft sun deck, as well as ergonomic bar wet furniture with hob-sink and electric refrigerator.
Exploring the 24 GT surprises follow one another. The imaginative design culminates in the cab which houses a double bed in the bow (which doubles as a dining room), independent WC with marine toilet and shower and bed for two children in the back room.
The vessel has an extensive equipment like extra which inter alia provided for generator and air conditioning.
The 24 GT is built with the most modern materials and method of infusion, elements that offer a powerful and robust construction with reduced weight. This combined with the exceptional hull design allows mounting of single engine 225 hp to 250 hp for very good performance and reduced power consumption by up to 30%.
A big advantage of the new 24 GT is certified length of 6.99 m., That the hostile tax environment of our country, puts the vessels under 7 m. No luxury tax liability.